Turvy A puzzle platformer involving the manipulation of gravity Turvy title screen

An idea drawn from Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV, the player is tasked with helping Tina “Topsy” Turvy to reach the each level’s exit by shifting gravity in any of four directions, and using this ability to avoid the robots patrolling their little corner of the map and the shock tiles dotted around the place, both of which will electrocute Topsy and send her back to the start of the level. Topsy’s gravity manipulation is restricted to prevent the player from simply flying harmlessly through levels. Gravity cannot be shifted while Topsy is in mid-fall, and falling too far (more than two tiles) will result in her knocking herself senseless and returning her to the start of the level.

Quake 2 (GOG) Track Linker A bash script to correct the music tracks in the GOG release of Quake II: Quad Damage

The GOG release of Quake II: Quad Damage has a glaring error in that the music tracks provided, while entirely present and correct, have simply been thrown into a single folder without rhyme or reason, or even consideration for track order. As a result, tracks intended for the game’s expansion packs are mixed in with the base game’s own music and will play at the wrong time and place.

This bash script seeks to correct that error by correctly separating those tracks into folders corresponding to the correct game, based on information gleaned from fan wikis and music databases such as MusicBrainz and Discogs.

Photo Finished: A Case for Bear A murder mystery text adventure written in HTML, CSS and JS Bear steps into the dining room

Developed for the module “Client-side Customisation of Web Pages”, Photo Finished is a small Browser-based text adventure (which possibly overly stretches the term slightly with its graphical UI) in which the player, in the role of an amateur detective in a small English village, must get to the bottom of a murder that has just occurred next door to a friend, and determine whether the two witnesses to the crime had a direct hand in events.