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Tootelage: Modifying Mastodon to revert the ill-advised "Publish" button back to its eternally-loved "Toot"

A guide to creating a new locale purely for the purposes of returning “Toot” to Mastodon v4.


Well, this is awkward…

It’s been a funny few years. I set up a new personal website in 2018, expecting it to represent me in jobseeking efforts and whatnot, and what happens?



Brexit Hell

TERFs being about as feminist as a wife beater in a wifebeater



COVID - seriously, go away, you’re being creepy now.

The OVH Strasbourg datacentre fire that put this site and my Gitea instance out of commision for three months while I tried to will myself into trying to put everything back together.

And finally getting my outstanding uni assignments finished without curling up into a corner.

Please Stand By

So things got complicated.

This site was initially cobbled together using Jekyll, only for things to hit a snag when I finally got around to updating it. Namely that an update of Ruby and Jekyll later and…

It. Broke. Things.

At least that’s what it seemed anyway. Maybe it was because I was using a rather old theme that hadn’t seen an update since forever. Maybe it was the fault of something under the hood of Jekyll. Ultimately, though, something broke. And frankly, I didn’t have the energy to even attempt to get to the bottom of why.

As a result. this site is now built with Hugo instead. After many difficulties. The key one being that maybe it’s not a good idea to let a new user choose a theme while going through the quick start guide. The one I liked turned out to be missing some vital templates, which cost me two nights trying to figure out why things were breaking. Anyway, after that, Disk Seven has a rather nice lick of paint now.

For the time being.