Stylised text against a black rhombus that reads "Transphobia: It's not a BACKLASH, It's a TANTRUM". The word "TANTRUM" is somewhat glitchy and erratic.
Image of a brown hardcover book, the title of which reads "READ ANOTHER BOOK". Below, a dialogue box akin to that from an RPG reads "Your personality will thank you."
Image of a low-polygon coffee mug sloshing its contents about. It has a black outline and is surrounded by the text "LOW POLY HIGH CAFFEINE".
Image of a blue 3.5-inch floppy disk, the label of which reads "GENDER".
Image of an open envelope, revealing a silhouette of a meeting in progress. Many of the figures aren't too happy about it, while a figure with glasses and a moustache sits at the end with a mug of coffee. The surrounding text reads "THIS MEETING SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL".
Sketch of Hawk (She/Her), a white woman with black hair, tied back in a ponytail. She stands in a field with a sniper rifle slung over her shoulder.
Sketch of Spike (He/Him), my plush hedgehog, as he faces the viewer and says "Hi :)". To his side is his name in large bold letters.
Sketch of a plush shark swimming by, saying "Hai!" Below, the text reads "SHAPED LIKE A FRIEND!"
Sketch of Realm (She/Her), a woman of South Asian descent with an asymmetric haircut. She says "Yeah, it wasn't like my life wasn't already rolling back down the hill before an alien bounty hunter parked their ship upside-down behind my house!"
Sketch of Hawk (She/Her), a white woman with black hair, tied back in a ponytail. She says "I couldn't be clearer if I were a brand new scope! The minute you pose a danger to Littleden, Bear -- bless her heart -- will be the least of your worries!"
Sketch of Gun Star, aka Guntsta Aura-Na (They/Them, which is merely an English approximation), A humanoid with long hair, a braided beard and a handlebar moustache. They say "I should warn you, Realm-friend, capture of the Glass Dragon is a dangerous task that will put you in mortal danger. But there is no fun in an easy job, and those who suggest otherwise are fools or liars."
Sketch of Bear (She/Her), a white woman with a short bob style haircut. She says "I shouldn't have to remind you, Agent Galway. Littleden _is_ protected."
The word "JO" in a stylised type, coloured in a transgender flag pattern made to resemble a reflection.
Pixel art of a vampire Blahaj wearing a cloak, standing (somehow) before a crescent moon.