Well, this is awkward…

It’s been a funny few years. I set up a new personal website in 2018, expecting it to represent me in jobseeking efforts and whatnot, and what happens?



Brexit Hell

TERFs being about as feminist as a wife beater in a wifebeater



COVID - seriously, go away, you’re being creepy now.

The OVH Strasbourg datacentre fire that put this site and my Gitea instance out of commision for three months while I tried to will myself into trying to put everything back together.

And finally getting my outstanding uni assignments finished without curling up into a corner.

Speaking of fires, the Bilsdale transmitter also burned down recently, not that it would have impacted me any more than being unable to receive a terrestrial TV signal around these parts to begin with already does.


Everything is back up. I’ll make a better effort to actually make this site worth reading, shall I?

And maybe set myself up a backup system, since I at least have something resembling the resources for that nowadays.